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Jesse Smith: Owner/Operator
SMITH GUN has been open for business since 1983. We have a wide range of gun specialities. For nearly 35 years I have dedicated myself to gunsmithing. I believe that if the repair work cannot be done at SMITH GUN, it just can't be done. Accurate rifles, whether hunting or bench rest, is just one of my many passions. Over the years I have built many accurate rifles. I consider an accurate rifle to be a rifle that will group a three shot group at a hundred (100) yards that can be covered with a dime or less, a "mickey mouse group.".
I also build single barrel trap shotguns on a Highwall Martini/Greener action. Several of the shotguns I have built are in use on the ATA circuit. These shotguns are custom built for each individual customer.
If you would like a custom, accurate 1911, here is where you will get one. Ours are guaranteed to group less than one (1) inch at twenty-five yards in a Ransom Rest.
SMITH GUN also offers a variety of gun finishes. We electroless nickel, cold rust blue, hot blue, parkerize and color case harden. Our color case harden finish is an actual case hardening process. It is the same finish that Colt uses on their SAA's. We also manufacture our own bluing salts and sell them within the industry. No more "plum" colors with our salts.
SMITH GUN is an actual gun shop and machine shop. We keep parts on hand for most guns, and we make parts for obsolete guns. We install screw in choke tubes, muzzle brakes and much, much more. E-mail us for any questions you might have.
As of April 2014 owner Jesse Smith is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.
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